Carey is committed to help Christians to pursue lifelong learning that enhances both personal growth and ministry skills. Carey provides theological education to the whole people of God through creative and flexible formats. These educational opportunities can be taken at Carey, at your local church, or online. Explore an option that suits the needs of you and your church.

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3CLN@Carey: Bridging Languages and Generations. Renewing Faith.

The Chinese Canadian Christian Leadership Network (3CLN@Carey) is an effort to collate resources for the benefit of Chinese Canadian Christians and churches. 3CLN@Carey supports quality research and publication of resources pertaining to the study of Chinese Canadian Christian history, pastoral and congregational issues. Explore our website for

  • Digital archives for Chinese Canadian churches to preserve their stories and legacy
  • Chinese Canadian Christian Biographies Archives
  • Electronic theses and articles pertaining to the study of Chinese Canadian ministry topics
  • Bibliography for the study of North American Chinese Church issues
  • Teaching resources for Chinese Canadian churches


Come and Enjoy Seminars/Conferences/Retreats at Carey

Attending seminars, conferences, and retreats at Carey is a perfect way to meet people who share similar ministry concerns and passion for God’s kingdom. Our beautiful campus has been a gift to many leaders who seek a quiet place for reflection and enjoying God’s creation.

  • Equipping Children to Face Cultural Challenges 裝備兒童迎向社會文化挑戰; Mondays from Sept 15th – Oct 20th, 2014
  • Reading the Bible for all it’s Worth 津津有味讀聖經; Mondays from Nov 3rd – Dec 1st, 2014
  • A Celebration of Chinese Christian Art Exhibition, Oct.-Nov., 2014
  • ReGeneration Leadership Conference, Nov. 20-22, 2014


We Deliver! Tailored-made Training suited to Local Churches

Are you looking for tailored-made training in specific areas or for a specific group of leaders in your ministry context? Carey will be happy to discuss with you what could be offered to help your leaders to be better equipped. Carey has a track record of running church-based campus programs across Western Canada for over 25 years! Carey’s international campuses include Kenya, India, and Hong Kong.

Carey Calendar

Carey Institute has many events and seminars available for registration. For a full list of upcoming Carey Institute Events, please visit our events calendar page.