The NACCM courses at Carey are designed to provide contextualized theological reflection and ministry skills development pertaining to issues confronting the multi-generational, tri-lingual and multi-cultural Chinese churches in North America. These courses can be taken for audit, graduate-level credits and for post-graduate continuing pastoral education enrichment.

Reading the Context of North American Chinese Churches
What does it mean to be a Chinese Canadian Christian? What are the gifts and legacy God has entrusted to us as Chinese Canadian Christians? This course helps you reflect, interpret, and critique theologically on historical, spiritual, and cultural values of NACC churches. Read More

Leader Issues in North American Chinese Churches
How do I understand my calling and identity as a Chinese Canadian Christian pastoral leader? This course assists NACC pastors to reflect theologically about pastoral and congregational relationships, communication styles, power dynamics, conflict resolution, and church governance in the immigrant church context. Read More

Liturgical and Congregational Concerns in North American Chinese Churches
What specific ministry challenges do Chinese immigrant churches face? What is the future of Chinese Canadian churches? This course analyzes the ethos and culture of pastoral care, worship, preaching, and inter-generational ministries in the NACC context with an emphasis in nurturing next generation Christians. Read More

Rethinking the Mission of the North American Chinese Churches
What role do Chinese Canadian Christians play in the larger story of God’s mission in the world? What cross-cultural missionary insights and training do we gain as “third-culture” Christians? This course will engage students in learning and reading the contemporary culture, community demographic, and global development and acquire skills in becoming effective communicator of the Gospel. Read More

Courses can be taken for credit or audit in the M.Div (NACCM concentration), the Diploma in NACCM and continuing education enrichment for Pastors

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